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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars….” Harriet Tubman

We don’t just transform the “physical” environment at a shelter. What we do goes much deeper than just changing a surface. When we change the physical environment it changes the way the women and children feel about themselves. It gives them permission to dream! A beautiful space sends the message “you matter, you are worthy, you are unstoppable!

See an example of how Enchanted Makeovers transforms a shelter.
This project involved 21 bedroom transformations, hallways, doors with murals and a Sacred Sewing Room.

“Everyone is worthy of surroundings that will nurture their soul and allow their greatness to emerge.”



Our very first shelter transformation in 2007! The women were such a strong group of amazing warriors who taught me so much! I believe we are all teachers and students in life – Terry



To me, a long-term shelter is like a hospital. When people go to hospitals, they go to heal. These are women and children who have faced unimaginable circumstances. Something is hurting them, something is broken. There could be physically something broken because of the abuse, but it is mostly the internal things that need to be healed. But when the only programs in shelters cover basic needs, the hurt in these women’s and children’s hearts remain.

You see hospitals these days doing murals, bringing in color, art and beautiful details to make things feel less institutional. Hospitals are money makers, unfortunately, shelters aren’t.

Sometimes people want stats and scientific proof as to why women need an uplifting, hopeful, clean and dignified environment. A common perspective is “Surely anything is better than nothing.” I don’t agree with that.

I would say, can I come to your home and see how you live? Why do you need that nice house, that nice bedspread? Why can’t I just give you an old bedspread from a nursing home? That would be fine. It goes so much deeper than being functional. This is emotional and spirital.


Hear from the women Transformed


“In 2008, my daughter and I came to Grace Centers of Hope in search of a new life. I had been struggling with an addiction to prescription pills and was running away from an abusive marriage. At one of the darkest points in my life, God crossed my path with Terry’s. Her servitude was symbolic to my own personal pursuit at that point in time.

We watched a metamorphosis take place in our surroundings as we were simultaneously experiencing the freedom from our former lives. Her visions inspire optimism, comfort, encouragement and reassurance. It is truly an honor to now have the opportunity to give back to an organization that is dear to my heart and to work along side many amazing women that I deeply admire.”

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