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Business Relationships

We have been blessed to have hundreds of business relationships over the past decade. Here our some who partnered with EM in a unique way.

If you have an idea about a unique way you could partner with Enchanted Makeovers or you would like to partner with us but you don’t know the best way to do this,

Hilton made a Capes for Kids kit that was distributed to 3500 hotel locations worldwide for their employees to make capes for our program.

Poly-fil donates their product and they raise awareness for the mission by including a card about Enchanted Makeovers in their boxes.

CeCe Caldwell’s created a special paint for Enchanted Makeovers called “Enchanted Lilac” that raised awareness and they donated the proceeds to the mission.

Dabblesack Kit provides community service project kits as a way for seniors and dementia patients to have an activity that also gives back to the community.

A custom cape was designed for Enchanted Makeovers by Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club as a way for members who love to crochet to make a difference in the lives of others.

Spark Crates believe family fun can also change the world. A special project was created for members to purchase in support of Enchanted Makeovers’ Capes for Kids program.


“Participating in the Capes for Kids Project was an amazing experience for me and my students. All of the participants involved were enthusiastic about the prospect of creating a cape. The students really grasped on to the concept and it provided us an opportunity to have an open dialogue about homelessness. At the end of the day the children wrote messages to the children that would be receiving the capes that they created. I could tell by their cards and their discussion among one another that they gained a lot from this opportunity. I would encourage all educators to have their students participate in this important project.””

— Grade School Teacher, Philadelphia PA

“If not for the work of Enchanted Makeovers, I believe our world would be a sadder place. People coming from a world of fear find a world of love when they encounter the support of those volunteering with Enchanted Makeovers. They learn to trust again, believe in themselves and find their true identity.”

“Enchanted Makeovers is doing something amazing, not just for the women and children who will be transforming their lives in the shelters, but for the shelter staff who are learning an entirely new approach to their mission and also the donors & volunteers who make the shelter transformations possible.”
“My family have all been donors to this wonderful organization, my 11 year old made homemade hair bows, my wonderful husband donated photography to help and support this group.”
“I was led to Enchanted Makeovers by a friend, and the organization resonated with me immediately. What I love about EM’s model is that it enables anyone and everyone to participate in a hands-on, personal and meaningful way….What I love about EM is that it gives each and every person an opportunity to participate in something deeply good and lasting. Everyone comes away feeling like the world truly can be a good, hopeful, gracious and loving place.”
“The work of Terry Grahl and Enchanted Makeovers doesn’t just transform spaces it transforms hearts and souls. As a volunteer, I know, firsthand, how the makeovers turn ordinary shelter spaces into enchanting havens of hope and inspiration. The message that “she is me” consistently resonates and although the road of life’s journey is wide and varied, it is still a single road we travel together. This is the cornerstone of EM’s empowering work.”
“It’s a non- profit that Terry started that not only do you go in with the knowledge that you’re going to help others to improve their lives and surroundings but you come out with a light within yourself that is truly heart-warming.”

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