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Capes for Kids

Capes for Kids

Capes for kids is a simple yet life-changing program that has gone viral and is now being made all around the world! Enchanted Makeovers volunteers make capes for kids in shelters and it has a profound effect.

The Problem We’re Solving

Many of these children have had to face unimaginable situations. They’ve escaped with their mothers from domestic violence and other dangerous situations. They are in the shelters trying to rebuild their lives but may have lost their sense of childlike hope and wonder…until now! We want children to know that they have it within them to be their own superhero. Putting on a superhero cape is not about calling on “superman” or “supergirl” to swoop in. It’s about calling on our own strength, from within, that we never knew we had, to believe we have the power to get through the daily challenges. Dr. Viktor Frankl, pointed out “When you can imagine survival, you will survive.” It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years old or 100, believing in yourself is everything. If we don’t have hope, what do we have?

New Sew Capes
Sewen Cape

The psychological shift

To see a child transformed with a humble piece of material around their shoulders and feel confident they have what they need to transcend their circumstances is life-changing.

When you put the cape on it’s like no one can really see you in your vulnerable self that has been through trauma, all they can see is someone powerful, strong and confident. They become more powerful. Our hearts and minds are the most powerful thing we have. They aren’t defined by income, upbringing, what clothes we’re wearing or what four walls we sleep in. They are defined by US. Everyone deserves the chance to fly.

The impact

We have witnessed children go from seemingly shy and withdrawn, not speaking, to twirling, laughing, talking and standing proud.

We witnessed a boy in a shelter with his head down, scared and afraid. He was transformed in front of our eyes when a cape was wrapped around him. He quickly held his head high and spoke the words “That’s right, I am superman!”

A little girl received a handmade cape several years ago. Her mother reached out to us to share how her daughter kept the cape and it hangs in her closet. For 5th grade show and tell, she brought in her cape and shared her story.

Capes for Kids In the Media

Capes for Kids
In the Media


The patch project is connected to our Capes for Kids and is our most simple way to volunteer your creativity. You make a patch with a heart inside, which is included with the Capes for Kids capes. When it gets to the shelter, the child or mother will write the child’s name inside the heart. Here’s why that matters: a lot of the time everything is shared in a shelter. The child may not have anything of their own. So the fact that your name is on it and it’s yours makes it even more special.

Size of patch: 5×5 | Time involved: 5-20 minutes | inside patch place a decorative heart


The importance of our names

For years my heart has held onto a day, a feeling and an orange plastic Holly Hobby jewelry box. It was December 1977 and Christmas was just around the corner. I don’t remember much about this special day at our house but I do remember an event I attended with my brothers and sister. Just a couple blocks away from our house there was a group having a day for “needy” children to come and pick out one toy for Christmas. My mom gathered all of us and we walked up to the event. Oh the excitement of what would be inside I couldn’t even imagine. As we entered the building all children were gathered very quickly to stand in one line. Volunteers stood against walls and watched. I immediately remember feeling much out of place. Every child I watched and wondered, if they felt the same as I did, “awkward, embarrassment and yes, shame. It’s terrible how poverty attacks one’s heart, thoughts and eventually identity. It was now my turn in line and this very tall man grabbed my hand and said, “Come here girl pick out a toy”.

As I looked into his eyes I wondered why he never asked my name. I walked around with him glancing at every table looking for that one special gift that spoke to me. Oh My! an orange plastic Holly Hobby jewelry box was sitting there waiting just for me to love and take care of it. I grabbed her and immediately gave her a hug. 🙂 So very grateful for the gift that I still have today but oh how we serve pierced my heart and planted a seed to be used for a greater purpose.

It is time to shine a light into corners of the heart that we are unaware we might fill with darkness. These special patches that are made will be placed on capes for our Capes for Kids program. Enchanted Makeovers has always included name tags for events or makeovers for everyone to wear, but my heart is telling me this needs to be a hands on community project to raise awareness on the importance of a name. It is where our story begins!


Who should get involved

We have a sew and a no sew pattern, so everyone from kids to the elderly can participate.

Individuals & Families

You don’t have to be part of a particular group to participate! We would love your contribution. This is a great family activity if you want to get your kids involved as it doesn’t require sewing.


Children make the capes at school, church, libraries, museums or in their girl scout groups and learn compassion for other children. They realize that homelessness is an issue that affects them in their own backyard.


Work together on a craft project in the boardroom as a team bonding and giving back activity. Employees love our projects and have shared how it brings out the kid in them.

Nursing Homes

Elderly residents feel empowered and love how they can share their talent by participating in our projects.


University sororities and fraternities have participated as part of their community service work. You’ll love being able to work on projects that unleash your creative spirit and create bonding.

How to get started

You can participate in the program in three ways.

Organize a cape making party with family, friends or a group.

Donate your individual handmade cape(s) or patches.

Make a monetary donation to this program.


Please ship capes to:

Enchanted Makeovers, “Capes for Kids”, 12663 Hipp St, Taylor, Mi 48180.

All capes are distributed locally & nationally to shelters from our Taylor location.

Questions? Email us at: EnchantedMakeovers@comcast.net | Call us: Office: 1-855-She is Me | Cell: 734-776-0848