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Capes For Kids (Sew & No Sew Project)



I want to share a little of my journey and what women and children living in shelters have taught me.

I have been taught about courage, bravery, faith, authenticity, vulnerability, joy, hope, and happiness. I have witnessed women speaking their truth in front of total strangers. (warrior indeed) I have also been a teacher and have seen the lack of programs in shelters that nurture the child from within. I am truly honored and humbled to have women share their story with me. Stories of horrendous sexual abuse, mental abuse, family addicton and eventually homelessness. After years of being a student and teacher I was once again was being shown another way I could serve. In 2010 I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Show and the topic was about families in the inner city of Newark, NJ. A mother shared how she told her son, GIVE IT UP! NO ONE IS GOING TO SAVE US. Immediately I burst into tears but quickly those tears turned into action. This mother had lost hope and most importantly she didn’t even see her son had everything within him to be somebody. The torch of fear, doubt and most importantly hopelessness was passed. I said out loud, every child living in a shelter needs to hear, Don’t wait for a superhero, BE ONE! I remember Tyler Perry’s interview on Oprah and how he shared his darkest days as a child. Family members and friends had molested him. He spoke about his survival skill, his “imagination.”   Today, Tyler still says not only is his faith important but his imagination.

I had a mother at a Rescue Mission share with me how she put on her sons cape and ran down the hall. I told her what an amazing and beautiful message you placed in your sons heart. Her eyes immediately filled with tears. The cape speaks to all ages no matter who is wearing it or making it. Capes for Kids! An armor of strength, imagination and hope!Do I believe in Superman? NO. Do I believe in people? YES. Thank you to every single person that has made a cape. Your time, love and talent is going much further than you could ever imagine.

Terry Grahl

Enchanted Makeovers  
Founder, Visionary & CEO



As children, we often play “dress up”. But beyond just having fun, the clothing or costumes we put on our body send us a message.

Many children play “Superhero” because the messages that Superheroes “save the day” is everywhere, but Enchanted Makeovers believes it’s not about calling on “superman” or “supergirl” to swoop in.

It's about calling on our own strength, from within, that we never knew we had. It’s about the power of our mind, tapping into our imaginations. 

It's about putting on our daily armor and believing in ourselves.

"As Dr.Victor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning pointed out, when you can imagine survival, you will survive."


Blessed to have our Capes for Kids Program made into a kit by the 

 #1 Sewing Program on Public Television "Sewing with Nancy"  


Program also featured in the Dec./Jan. 2014 Family Fun Magazine Holiday issue.

Capes for Kids featured in C
raft Ideas Magazine Spring 2016 issue.

Blessed with having an incredible partnership with Family Fun magazine! Thank you for your ongoing support and second cape campaign in the June/July 2016 issue. Thank you Kit Hoover from Access Hollywood for believing in EM's Cape program.

You can help by:

Organizing a cape making party
Donating your handmade capes (pattern below)
Make a monetary donation to this program.


Please ship capes to:

Enchanted Makeovers

"Capes for Kids"
12663 Hipp St
Taylor, Mi 48180

(All capes are distributed locally & nationally to shelters from our Taylor location)

Click here for a sewing pattern  (please feel free to add an applique on the back of the cape) example: star, heart, lightning bolt, etc.  



To watch the instructional video of how to make a superhero cape click here 

"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless." Jamie Paolinetti


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