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Enchanted Makeovers, is embodied by the work and spirit of Terry Grahl, Chief Executive Officer and Visionary. Terry aspires not so much to do something as to be something. It’s not a series of “decorating” projects; it is a movement to empower not only the lives of women and children living in shelters but also those who participate in the giving.This represents a profound shift in the traditional view of philanthropy and the communication of it is the essence of the Enchanted Makeovers brand. It is, a paradigm shift! #sheismemovement


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What is an Enchanted Makeover?
An Enchanted Makeover is really about helping someone tap into the core of who they truly are, seeing life through a child’s eyes, believing in the impossible and having child-like faith. In some cases, our efforts involve a physical “extreme makeover” of a shelter, with new paint, furnishings and decorations; other times, it’s a single event where we bring women together to share stories and encourage each other. And we’re continuously involved in national outreach efforts designed to inspire women from all walks of life to pursue their dreams.

Was there a moment in your life that triggered this passion?
I realized I had the power from within to create my own life story when I received a call on Aug. 19, 2007, from a woman in California who wrote for Home Companion, one of my favorite national decorating magazines. I had never contacted the magazine; they found me. When the phone rang, I was listening to ‘’I Surrender All’’ performed by Brian Littrell, and the last phrase in the song was, ”Let thy blessings fall upon me.” I knew in that moment that my thoughts were creating my own life.

Do you ever feel you have so many ideas that you can't slow down your thoughts?
When you live from your core being, your thoughts only trigger more ideas and less sleep. I’ve never worked so hard, but I’ve never been happier or more at peace. 

What do you do about it?
Every morning, I take at least 10-15 minutes to be still and listen to my inner guidance. Just sitting quietly with my coffee and visualizing my day and my future really helps me to focus. I also try to get some thoughts on paper, as this helps to calm the heart and mind.

Do you have any re-occuring dreams or one that is very meaningful to you?
I’ve had several powerful dreams since realizing I could actually be the author of my own life. One particular dream in 2007 not only changed the way I live my life but also inspired me with ideas for how I could help others. I awoke around 3 am in tears and a horrible sweat. My dream had taken me back to the home I lived in between the ages of 6-9. I had walked into my home but it was dark and full of cobwebs. As I began walking down the hallway, I stopped to see my old bedroom and found my 9-year-old self sitting on a bare mattress in an empty room. Then I became that 9-year-old girl, and there was a figure standing in front of me. I asked the figure, “Why am I here? Who hurt me?” The figure answered, ‘’It’s time to come home.’’ I believe that figure was God. My faith was restored. I knew he wanted to use me to help others to believe in something greater than themselves. 

What is a song that really pumps you up?
I have listened for years to ‘’I Believe’’ by Fantasia. It’s reminds me that the climb is never easy, but the journey is everything. For anyone trying to make their own passion become a reality, what would you say to them? Follow your heart, not the checkbook. Be the person you are when you’re by yourself. And always respect others.

What is your favorite quote?
‘’Sing like a bird after every storm.’’

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