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2012 - Women Save the World (Book)

2012 - Women Save the World (Book)
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March 2012
Terry Grahl the Founder and Visionary for Enchanted Makeovers shares a chapter about ''The Power of Creativity'' in the book ''Women Will Save the World''

Book Review: Thank you Lisa Erickson, Founder of Mommy Mystic 

Most of the essays by contemporary women shared very personal stories, and many brought me to tears. The first to do so was by Terry Grahl, founder of the non-profit Enchanted Makeovers, which transforms women’s shelters through renovation, design, and art. Terry had started her own interior design business when she was approached through a friend to create a mural for a local women’s shelter. However, when she toured the shelter, and saw the cracked walls, chipped paint, and dim colors, she decided to do much more. She set about transforming the shelter into a place where women and their children could truly heal, with vibrant colors, nature-inspired visuals, and inspirational phrases. Anyone who has been to such a place knows the dim environment that limited budgets usually results in – and anyone who pays attention to energy (as you probably do if you read this blog!) knows the importance of the colors and vibrations of our surroundings when we are attempting to heal or change our lives. This is the focus of Terry’s work.

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