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Shelter Makeover

Shelter Makeover
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2008 Cottage Lane Project Grace Centers of Hope-- Pontiac, MI Shelter for women and children recovering from sexual abuse and drug addictions

The Women’s Program at Grace Centers of Hope becomes a support group that allows the clients to be “re-familied”; to receive the fellowship, love, and support that is usually missing in the family of origin. Most addictions are efforts to mask deep insecurities; both emotional and spiritual. Addictions are not simply bad habits. They are desperately complex attempts to ease universal human fears about our mortality and vulnerability. Grace Centers of Hope assists clients to confront their addiction as they diminish their shame base, booster their self esteem, and learn the value of directing their emotional pain through appropriate grieving processes.

Video Journals
During the 2008 makeover Enchanted Makeovers video-journaled some of the women at the shelter and uploaded the videos to YouTube. Many of the women are hoping their story will help someone else find their way out from the darkness.


(left) Dorm Captain Victoria Park and Terry Grahl at Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, MI Comments

Here are just some of the wonderful and encouraging comments that HGTV's Rate My Space viewers left about the July 2008 makeover. Thank you so much!

“About 12 years ago, before I met my wonderful husband, I too was in an abusive relationship. This is an inspiration! Thank you!”

“This is so very touching. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place with us. You must be so happy to touch and help so many women, and the fact that they can come here to find and love themselves—wow... I just am amazed!” 

“What an amazing and beautiful space for women needing to heal. God bless you for being His hands and feet.” 

“To those who help transform this space: it is beautiful! What a tranquil sanctuary these women have to rest. You are truly angels. God bless you all.”

“I think this is beautiful. God bless each and every one of you who are there.”

''What a truly hopeful space. Wonderful.”

“What an incredible transformation! Such an excellent way of bringing something happy and beautiful into lives that are lacking it!”

“You've really created a place filled with beauty and hope.”

“I'm sure every woman who passes here will begin to look a bit more optimistically! You have made the unbearable beautiful!”

“What a nice touch. I like that each door has a doormat in front of it—adds a personal, homey touch.”

“Nothing but ADORABLE. Enchanted is just the perfect word. 10 stars. Lovely!”

“Inspirational! 10 stars all the way. You have transformed this space into a beautiful place to live. Congratulations on your hard work; you created a place of beauty. I commend you on your service to others.”

“How darling. This is so nice for these women and their families in such a distressing time. I'm sure it makes them feel more at ease. You have an amazing talent for creativity. Just darling! ;}”

Thank you to all the wonderful people from across the country and locally who believed in the Cottage Lane project and the women!

Many Blessings,

Terry ox,  Founder & CEO of Enchanted Makeovers 

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