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Patch Project (Sew & No Sew Project)


For years my heart has held onto a day, a feeling and an orange plastic Holly Hobby jewelry box.
It was December 1977 and Christmas was just around the corner. I don't remember much about this special day at our house but I do remember an event I attended with my brothers and sister.
Just a couple blocks away from our house there was a group having a day for "needy" children to come and pick out one toy for Christmas. My mom gathered all of us and we walked up to the event. Oh the excitement of what would be inside I couldn't even imagine. As we entered the building all children were gathered very quickly to stand in one line. Volunteers stood against walls and watched. I immediately remember feeling much out of place. Every child I watched and wondered, if they felt the same as I did, "awkward, embarrassment and yes, shame. It's terrible how poverty attacks ones heart, thoughts and eventually identity. It was now my turn in line and this very tall man grabbed my hand and said, "Come here girl pick out a toy".
As I looked into his eyes I wondered why he never asked my name. I walked around  with him glancing at every table looking for that one special gift that spoke to me. Oh My! an orange plastic Holly Hobby jewelry box was sitting there waiting just for me to love and take care of it. I grabbed her and immediately gave her a hug. :) So very grateful for the gift that I still have today but oh how we serve pierced my heart and planted a seed to be used for a greater purpose. 

It is time to shine a light into corners of the heart that we are unaware we might fill with darkness. These special patches that are made will be placed on capes for our Capes for Kids program.  Enchanted Makeovers has always included name tags for events or makeovers for everyone to wear, but my heart is telling me this needs to be a hands on community project to raise awareness on the importance of a name. It is where our story begins!


Terry Grahl

Enchanted Makeovers

Founder & CEO




Do you sew? or like to embroider?

Make a patch and add all the beauty & love you like:)



size of patch: 5x5

inside patch place a decorative heart


Others way to support the patch project:

donate fabric markers

monetary donation for shipping costs


Please ship patches to:

Enchanted Makeovers

"Patch Project"
12663 Hipp
Taylor, MI 48180

EM will place patches on Capes for Kids and include fabric markers for the children or their moms to write their name inside the heart.

How You Can Help