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Frequently Asked Questions

 Are you a non-profit 501(c)(3) company?

Yes, we are a charitable organization. We have received our non-profit designation from the IRS.

What is the social issue being addressed by Enchanted Makeovers?
Not long ago, women and children were rare at rescue missions and shelters. The harsh reality is that today, they are more common than ever. Millions of women, mothers and children now call one of the 3,500 shelters in the United States “home”. Imagine feeling hopeless, scared, vulnerable and unworthy because you are living in an environment where often everything is depressing, broken or filled with things other people threw away. Imagine your children living in such a place. Our mission is to transform these depressing environments into place that inspire and are supportive to those re-building their lives.

How is Enchanted Makeovers making a difference?
For the last eight years, Enchanted Makeovers, an all volunteer non-profit organization, has been on a mission to transform shelters from depressing environments into places that inspire behavioral and psychological change. A place that is supportive and inspirational for those re-building their lives. The unique makeovers, projects and programs supplement the shelter’s efforts, building a much stronger foundation for success and improved outcomes. In fact, the effectiveness of this model has been featured on the U.S. Department’s Health and Human Services website for Homeless and Housing Resources.

What is the vision for the future? EM was donated a 1926 Arts & Crafts Home in the EM Founders Hometown of Taylor, Mi.  Opening in 2018.

This will be our national office where we can organize, store and distribute the thousands of handmade donations received from around the world. A place where the community can gather to do events and raise funds. Enchanted Makeovers will also serve as an advocate for women and children by working with government agencies and foundations to research and improve the current system of funding, accountability and outcomes. Ultimately, it will be a place that allows Enchanted Makeovers to grow and expand its support for women and children who call a shelter “home”.

Can I start a chapter or franchise in my state? We don't offer this. Enchanted Makeovers Team and the community work together to transform the environment or bring our programs to a shelter in the United States.

Who do you serve in shelters? Women escaping domestic violence, human trafficking and homeless female vets. We also serve children escaping abuse and sex trafficking.  

What if I want to hold an event or fundraiser?
Please email us the information on what type of fundraiser you want to have, when and where it will be, and a brief description of what activities will be taking place. enchantedmakeovers@comcast.net

Do you accept used items? 

Yes and No. Enchanted Makeovers accepts handmade items, 40's-50's accessories and vintage furniture. We DON'T ACCEPT clothes, shoes, used bedding, stuffed animals, soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Currently we are not accepting furniture.

Is Enchanted Makeovers a homeless shelter? No! We are a charity - non-profit 501 c 3 organization that serves women and children living in shelters with our mission.

Do you only do shelter makeovers?
No, the organization also has projects and mentoring programs.

Do work with soup kitchens?
No, we focus on shelters with a long term program for women, mothers, teens and children rebuilding their lives.

Where do I ship my donations?
Enchanted Makeovers
12663 Hipp St Taylor, MI 48180

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