Enchanted Makeovers

She Cares (Community Service Program)

Do you remember the little Jiffy boxes? Growing up it was common to see these boxes sitting in the kitchen cupboard. Mom had a way of turning those small little boxes into a feast even through the hardest times. I truly believe her love and creativity made everything seem better and taste better:)  I remember how she would take the no brand boxes of cereal while we slept and pour them into a name brand box. The powered milk would be mixed with water and poured into a old gallon of milk she had saved. Every little detail she tried her best to make her children feel normal.

My mothers love for her community was another beautiful lesson she showed us. For many Friday's it was pizza day and my brothers and sister knew the routine when we saw mom place that huge block of cheese on the counter and those little jiffy boxes. TIME TO GATHER OUR FRIENDS! I don't think I could run fast enough to let them know, "MOM is making pizza!" The hot trays of homemade pizza covered our kitchen table, the sweet smell filled the air and mom with her special rag on her head cutting every pizza into perfect slices while her smile filled the room with such positive energy and love!  

This memory has never left my heart, I think it was gently hibernating until 2007 when it was released to be used for a greater purpose. While visiting a local shelter and spending time with the mothers I had a woman approach me asking how she could give back? I was thrilled and very happy to hear these powerful words. I shared with her how she needed to share her thoughts and ideas with the shelter director and she immediately agreed. Weeks later I would revisit the shelter to learn her ideas where shut down. The director informed her to worry about herself. I immediately told her that the director was wrong and that this was just as important for her healing process as the office counseling she was receiving. 

Enchanted Makeovers give back program just for women and children living in shelters was born! I believe the seed was truly planted way back in the 70's and it was EM's responsibility to care of it and to help it grow.

Today, we encourage women and the sewing instructors in our Sacred Sewing Room program to mark a day out of the month to make something beautiful for their community. Whether it's making pillowcases for a solider, the elderly at your local nursing home or making a pillowcase dress for girls in Africa. Every little handmade gift is healing for the giver and the receiver.

We encourage children to make a card for another child battling a life threatening illness. color a picture or write a note to bring hope in someone's else life. This is a program to pause, look within, reflect on all our blessings (big or small) and uplift one another. Women and children living in shelters now have a national program to uplift their our own community or even internationally to show how much they care.


Terry Grahl
Enchanted Makeovers
Founder, Visionary & CEO

Women make bibs for teen moms at a shelter. 

Young women at shelter make lunch for volunteers during their bedroom transformations. Some of their favorite family recipes were shared along with amazing stories during lunchtime. 

Ladies make dresses for Girls in Africa!

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