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Handmade "Doll Adoption" (Sew & No Sew Project)


When I was a little girl, taking care of my doll felt like I was taking care of myself. Tucking my precious doll into bed each night, I had to make sure her arms were comfortable and legs were covered so she could stay warm. I knew in my heart she was happy, because I nurtured her the way I loved to be nurtured. I made sure every piece of her hair was in place, not covering her delicate face. My doll needed to shine, just like me -- I wanted the world to see her beauty and light through her eyes and mine. I loved my doll, and my doll loved me back.

The Doll Adoption Project was born out of memories of me and my dollies, and it is my hope to give children in shelters the same gift of unconditional love that my dolls gave to me.

Terry Grahl

Enchanted Makeovers
Founder, Visionary & CEO

You know, dolls make the very best friends. Just because they can't speak doesn't mean they don't listen.

The Doll Adoption Project provides children in shelters with beautiful handmade dolls donated by crafters from around the globe. 

The Doll Adoption Project carries meaning for both the child and the crafter. Adopting a doll gives the child the opportunity to nurture and express love. This satisfies an innate need that we are all born with. 

The crafter is sewing themself, their story into the heart of the doll. Each handmade outfit and hand embroidered face will have the reversal affect of the crafter. We will be tapping into our inner child. The precious eyes will help us to ''look'' back on what truly made us happy. The embroidered mouth (what we speak we become) The hair will remind us that no matter what life's circumstances we can change it. The outfit will remind us we are more then a out-fit we are powerful beyond ''measure''.

''The urge to love and protect is not the sole possession of the maternal instinct. 
Children feel it too, and seem most free to give it expression when they play with dolls.''


Please ship dolls to:

Enchanted Makeovers
"Doll Adoption Project" 
12663 Hipp St.
Taylor, Mi 48180

Safety: Please only place items on dolls that a child will not choke on. Example: embroidered face, painted face, etc. All dolls will be shipped to shelters locally & nationally from our Taylor location.


Enchanted Makeovers Handmade Doll Adoption program shared in Parent magazine November 2016 issue


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