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Traveling Pillowcase (Sewing Project)

there lived a girl who traveled a lot. She saw many places, heard many stories but at the end of the day was able to go where HER heart desired. That little girl is me. Growing up we moved 12 times. Yes! 12 times! We lived with friends, family, had several rental homes and would end up losing our first house. I remember the nights laying in bed wondering if there was anyone else out there that felt the way I did. Confused, scared, lonely at times but ALWAYS hopeful.When it was time for bed I would make time to travel in my mind. Oh the places I would go and explore. My imagination was one thing I had control of and could create a different story.

The Traveling Pillowcase Project I hope will remind every woman and child the wonderful power of our mind and how this one amazing tool CAN BRING happiness and joy even through the hardest times.  


Terry Grahl
Enchanted Makeovers
Founder, Visionary & CEO


You can help by:

  • Organizing a pillowcase drive
  • Sewing pillowcases
  • Make a monetary donation to support this program.

Free Pillowcase Patterns

  • All People Quilt (click here for pattern) or
  • Feel free to use your own

    Please ship pillowcases to the address below: All pillowcases will be shipped to shelters locally & nationally from our Taylor location.


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Traveling Pillowcase Project featured in Better Homes and Gardens "American Patchwork & Quilting" October 2010 issue.  




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